The Stannite Association was formed in 1932 to encourage old pupils to stay in touch, both with each other and the School.

One of its aims was to publish an annual newsletter, letting old students know what was currently going on in school and giving them a forum to keep old friends updated on their news. Another aim was to hold annual reunions. It has an elected committee of ex-pupils and members of staff to oversee proceedings.

We are pleased to say that these aims are still being fulfilled, with the newsletter now being available in an electronic format. Reunions are held on a three-yearly cycle of Browhead, London and another part of the country. The current committee consists of a good selection of ex-students and staff from a variety of eras.

Our ethos is: The Stannite Association is a core pillar of the Windermere School community, alongside students, staff, parents and Governors. We are continually building a bridge between the past and present and indeed the future of the school, with the aim that we preserve and enjoy the rich heritage of this exceptional place. To some of us, the school will always be St Anne's, to others Windermere St Anne's and more recently simply Windermere School, but there is something greater that connects us all; a deep-rooted respect and bond with the place that has had such a formative impact on out lives.
Vincit qui se Vincit

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