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All School Policies are available for Download from this section of the website. Alternatively, printed copies can be requested from the School Office:
+44 (0) 15394 46164

Compliance Policies   Boarding Policies

A1 Admissions (v7)


B1 = A8 - Anti Bullying (v7)

A2.1 SEN (v7)


B2 = A6 - Child Protection (v7.2)

A2.2 EAL (v7)


B2.1 = A6.1 Whistleblowing and Photography Policy (v7)

A3 Curriculum (v7)


B2.3 = A6.2 Photographs & Photography Policy (v7) 

 A3.1 Marking & Prep (v7)


B3 = A4 - Behaviour Management (v7)

A3P1 Prep School Curriculum Part 1 Strategy (v7)


B3.1 Discipline Handbook (v7)

A3P2 Prep School Curriculum Part 2 Implementation (v7)


B3.2 Restraint of pupils (v7)

A4 Behaviour Management (v7)


B4 Disciplinary Procedure - Teachers (v7)

A5 PSHE Year 7 & 8 (v7)


B4.1 Disciplinary Procedure - Support Staff (v7)

A5.1 PSHE Year 9 (v7)


B5 - Care of Boarders who are unwell (v7)

A5.2 PSHE Year 10 & 11 (v7)


B5.1 = Care of Boarders Who are Unwell (including First Aid Policy A7) (v7)


B6 = A10 - Educational Visits (v7)

A6 Child Protection (v7.2)


B7 - Access to School Premises by People Outside the School (v7)

A6.1 Whistleblowing (v7)


B8 - Student Access to Areas of Risk (v7)

A6.2 Photographs & Photography (v7)


B9.1 = A9.1 Fire Precautions Preparatory School (v7)

A7 First Aid (v7)


B10 - Pupil Access to a person independent of the school staff group (v7) 

 A8 Anti-Bullying (v7)


B10.1 Pupil Access to a person independent of the school staff group (v7)

A9.1 Fire Precautions at the Prep School (v7)


 B10.2 Pupil Access to a person independent of the school staff group (v7) 

A10 Educational Visits (v7)


B10.3 Pupil Access to a person independent of the school staff group (v7)

A11 Fire Safety (v7)


B11 Equal Opportunities Policy (v7) 

A12 Supervision of Pupils (v7)


B12 Supervision of ancillary, contract and 'unchecked' staff (v7) 

A12.1 Restraint of Pupils (v7)


B13 Staff Handbook (v7)

A14 Complaints Procedure


B13.1 - Tutoring Handbook (v7) 

A15 Three Year Plan for Compliance & Equality Act 2010 (v7)


B14 Boarding Aims (v7)

A15.1 Access to Risk Areas (v7)


 B15 - Staff Reporting Concerns (v7)

A15.2 SENDA (v7)


 B16 = A14 - Complaints Procedure (v7) 

 A16 N1 Timing of the School Day (v7)


B17 - Procedure for enabling pupils to take concerns to any member of staff (v7)



B17.1 Are you worrying about something (v7)



B17.2 If you have a concern (v7)



B17.3 Procedure for enabling pupils to take problems or concerns (v7) 

 Early Years


B18 - Drugs and Prohibited Substances Policy (v7)

 E1 – EYFS Arrangements for Safeguarding Pupils and Promoting  

B18.1 - Smoking Discipline Ladder (v7)

 E2 Sample 1 - Pre-School & Ducklings Room 2012   B18.2 - Alcohol Discipline Ladder (v7)
E2 Sample 2 - Pre-School Corridor Jan 2012   B20.1 Preparatory School Staff Induction Policy (v7)
E2 Sample 3 - Reception & Ducklings Two Corridor Jan 2012   B21 Prefect duties, powers and responsibilities (v7)
E2 Sample 4 - Reception Room Jan 2012    B22 Key written information for new boarders (v7)
E3 - EYFS Supervision of children on outings and visits   B22.1 Key Written Information for New Preparatory Students (v7)
E3.1 Sample EYFS Generic Risk Assessment - Applethwaite   B23 Houseparents Job (v7)  
E4 - EYFS First Aid Policy   B23.1 Job Description Assistant HoMs (v7)
E5 - EYFS Policy on the Administration of Medicines   B23.2 The Role of School Nurse (v7) 
E6 - EYFS Arrangements for the Supervision of Children Throughout the School Day   B23.3 The Role of Matron (v7)
E7 - EYFS procedure for Making a Complaint   B26 Advice on Hosting pupils for school (v7)  
E8 - EYFS Central Register     
E9 - Staffing Ratios