The signature colours which feature on our uniform have been associated with Windermere School for nearly a hundred years.

The inspiration for the characteristic design originated from the brightly coloured beach chairs at Blackpool – Windermere School’s previous location (Lytham) before moving to Windermere in 1924.

Windermere School Uniform

Uniform Requirements

The details regarding correct uniform for students at Windermere School can be found below:

Early Years Uniform

Junior Years Uniform

Senior Years Uniform

Sixth Form Dress Code

Uniform Shop

The online school uniform service for Windermere School is provided by Schoolblazer, for both Browhead campus and Elleray campus.

Schoolblazer’s website can be accessed here: www.schoolblazer.com. The company was founded by parents for parents, to take the chore out of shopping for school uniform. This secure online ordering service allows you to shop for all uniform and sportswear at your convenience. If you have any questions or require help please do not hesitate to contact their helpline on 03337000703 or email Schoolblazer at customerservices@schoolblazer.com

Benefits to you

  • 24hour/365days availability of all school uniform and sportswear
  • Our system offers a step by step process to help you get the right size
  • Free, simple returns (via direct post to Schoolblazer or via the ‘returns bag’ at school)
  • Free name tag application using sewn on woven name tags
  • Delivery to your home or place of work within 8 working days of order
  • Boarders can use school address for uniform deliveries
  • Secure credit and debit card facilities
  • Complete fresher’s pack on website, for new pupils available for simplicity
  • Simple, easy to navigate website
  • Telephone helpline available Mon-Fri 9am – 8pm, Sat 10am – 4pm
  • To log on to the website: www.schoolblazer.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What about sizing?

A. You input your child’s sizes and our system will indicate the suggested size on the shopping pages. However, this is a suggestion only, based on the sizes you have inputted. If you require room for growth, or your child is not a standard size, you can use the drop down menu to select an alternative. ‘Trying on samples’ are available at the school for your convenience. Appointments can be made via uniform@windermereschool.co.uk.

Q. And if it doesn’t fit?

A. Send it back to us, using our prepaid returns service via the Royal Mail. Please note that we recommend that you request your return to be placed untagged as this makes the process much quicker. However, if you do require the replacement garment to be tagged, please include some of the spare tags we sent you with your original order

We charge you for the cost of the name tags, but apply them free. We send the balance out with each order because they are your property, and some parents want them for non Schoolblazer items. It would be impractical for us to keep a library of spare name tags from every order, but our minimum name tag order is 12 at just £2.75.