Careers Notice

22 May 2020

A careers notice for the parents and student in Years 9 – 10.

Year 9

Students in Year 9 are about to face the challenges of GCSE courses in September. Even though they are still in the early stages of school examination life it is never too early to prompt them into thinking about life after school. With this in mind, they have been sent a link to complete a short survey on their thoughts about the future. I know many students have already begun research into potential career pathways, which is great to hear. The survey results will form part of careers discussions with tutors this year and next.

Year 10

Work experience, which is often a highlight of the year for many Year 10 students, sadly will not go ahead this year. However, career planning still needs to move forward as Year 10 students slide into Year 11. To help them on the journey to making their decisions about their future, we are holding remote mock interviews for each student after half-term.  The students have been sent a link to a short presentation on preparing for interviews as well as a number of links for them to research.

A short audit on their transferable skills also needs to be done over the half-term break to help them prepare for the mock interviews and this link has been sent today. Interviews can be challenging, especially remote ones, but the aim of the mock interviews is to give them this challenge in a safe and controlled environment to help them prepare for the real thing in the future.

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