Cathedral Cave Adventure

29 November 2019

As part of their Adventurous Learning curriculum Year 5 and 6 had a very exciting Music lesson in Cathedral Cave.

It was quite the adventure to travel to Cathedral Quarry, above Little Langdale, and make our way into the caves.  When we arrived we found a group celebrating their friends birthday so the children sang a very rousing Happy Birthday to you!  We then moved onto vocal warm-ups and then popular Christmas Carols including Oh Come o Ye Faithful and Dominick the Donkey.  The acoustics were fantastic and we received lots of praise and applause from other visitors.

Feeling adventurous we went a little deeper into the caves, finding a spot that led off in three directions. There, we continued our carols, this time in the dark and without turning on our head torches.  It was a truly amazing experience.  Finally, we followed the tunnels towards the daylight and made our way back to the buses.  What a great place to have a Music lesson!

Thank you to Mrs Burtt-Jones, Mrs Gaskin, Mrs Ferreira and the Adventure Team for making this possible.


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