Corona Chronicles #4

21 May 2020

Members of our Windermere School community share what life in lockdown is like for them.

‘Weekend in the caravan’, by Jack Postlethwaite, Year 6

It was a lovely sunny weekend and we were missing our trips in our caravan so we decided to go and set it up at the bottom of our garden. The only condition was that we had to use the toilet and the shower in the house!

Amber had her paddling pool out and we set up the chairs and table. The night began by having fish and chips from The Brown Horse, Friday night treat. After tea, we sat around the campfire until bedtime chatting. The next morning, Amber woke up first and we had Smoked Salmon and Scrambled egg for breakfast, my favourite. Then we had a family walk – we walked 11km! Amber made a friend, a little Lamb.

I enjoyed our lockdown camping weekend and if the weather stays nice we might do it again.

Leon Parker, Year 6 
8:00: I wake up. Brush my teeth and have breakfast.

8:30: I do the morning webinar and try to do my work.

10:30: I have a break.

11:00: I do all my work.

12:00: I then play video games.

15:00: I have a break.

18:00: I play more video games.

18:30: I have dinner.

19:00: I go for a walk.

20:00: I watch Police Interceptors.

21:00: I brush my teeth and go to bed.

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