Year 6 Leadership Day

12 September 2019

Year 6 were very excited to take part in the ‘much heard about’ Leadership Day last Friday at Hodge Howe.

After discussing what makes a good leader and how pupils might show leadership in their new roles in Year 6, pupils were put in to groups to solve a code which would explain what they needed to do next. The code revealed that the class needed to paddle across to High Wray Bay in teams. It was challenging paddling into the wind but the staff took pity on the groups and towed them across to calmer water. Chanting to get a rhythm, helped one team to ‘power paddle’ to their destination.

Lunch and problem solving games followed on the banks of the lake. The next task was to follow instructions in teams to navigate all the way up Latterbarrow then down to the lake where the boats were. Pupils enjoyed walking without the staff and the feeling of independence. One group were accompanied by a new friend… ‘Bob’…a dead tree, which was carried determinedly the whole way! V -shaped core crunchies at the top of Latterbarrow were also part of the experience! Returning to the lake, each group had to paddle back to Hodge Howe with no assistance.

Despite some tired arms and lost paddles, all pupils returned successfully to enjoy a delicious barbeque with their parents and staff.

Some comments from the pupils were as follows:

Being a good leader means recognising when others are sad and helping them –Emily

I felt proud that we achieved success in everything we did on the day. –Jack

My team and I worked well together. –William

Being kind, sensible and persevering show good leadership. –Leon

The day was tough with all the challenges but we succeeded! –Brooke

I liked walking with my friends and I shared some ideas. –George

I was more confident and less afraid of challenges on Leadership day. –Ziva

I really enjoyed walking without teachers as we got to make our own decisions and be with our friends.-Billy

During the walk it was good to get know Henry better. –Arthur

Voting for who could fire the rocket was fun as we could discuss who had shown good leadership. –Josh

Listening to team mates was important for being a good leader. –Cameron

I learnt that I can trust my class mates. –Moses

I was proud that all our team returned to land dry! –Jim

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