School Council Newsletter – 22 May 2020

22 May 2020

We are sure many of the parents and teachers are anxious to see what school council have been up to over the past eight weeks of lockdown. Recently, our focus to bring the school together has been via social media, particularly Instagram and TikTok. We believe that these platforms are most appropriate as they are considered the ‘go-to apps’ for our generation to connect with each other.

On Instagram, we have tried to introduce various games for the school to do. Up until now, we have been creating ‘guess the song panels’ using a guitar and piano in which we perform various well-known songs or tunes for the students to guess. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which songs were performed to promote fair competition. In the beginning, we started using easy songs, but we are going to gradually introduce harder ones to find a true champion!

To get the students actively engaged in this competition we have promised a prize which will be announced when we return to school. It is not too late to join in, and we encourage anyone following our account to keep guessing! We would like to encourage any musicians out there to perform a song to showcase on one of our panels. Why not even post on your own account to show everyone how you are spending your time during lockdown?

We have also been posted numerous ‘pub quizzes’ for students to have a go at (again there will be a prize at the end), in which there are four interesting and mind-boggling answers from around the world. The aim is to distinguish which is fact from fiction.

We are asking for any other suggestions that students wish to see from their School Council, so if you have an idea then please send let us know. We are limited to what we can do, yet are keen to rise to the challenge of lockdown.

In addition to this activity, we have been posting numerous TikTok challenges which the students have participated in brilliantly. As some of you know there has been a worldwide ‘toilet roll challenge’ where a roll is tossed from one side of the screen and each participant kicks or throws it (via their own skills or imagination) to the other side of the screen. When the videos are put together it displays a consecutive ‘tossing’ of a toilet roll from the first person to the last. To highlight our video in stark contrast to others, we managed to involve a professional footballer Mr Schumacher (dressed in his football gear) as the ‘goalie’ or receiver, whilst each participant passes the toilet roll from Windermere to Germany. Luckily, due to Isaac Hartley’s profound editing skills, we managed to pull off an awesome video. On top of this, we have introduced our own ‘push-up’, ‘dancing’, and ‘general skills’ videos which we encourage other students to participate in. You can view this video here.

We also want to encourage any parent or staff members who use these apps to follow us. Our usernames are for both Instagram and TikTok-‘windermereschoolcouncil’.

Our biggest aim, for the time being, is to introduce a webinar drop-in session for different year groups, which will hopefully be up and running as soon as possible. The idea is we are going to assign each School Council member to a year group, who can if they wish call in or chat through Teams about anything they would like to discuss. This could be anything; we are more than happy to accept any suggestions of what we can do to make online school life better, or perhaps even provide a welcome opportunity to chat about what everyone has been up to for these past few weeks. Of course, the school has not been together for a long time and we wish to reconnect with everyone particularly because integration is a big problem online. We will send all messages and updates via e-mail once it is all finalized.

Finally, we hope everyone has been coping well and encourage everyone to join in on our Windermere School online community.

– The Senior Council

A Thank You to All Staff

The Senior Council cannot finish this half-term without giving our heartfelt thanks to the teaching and support staff on behalf of the student body of Windermere School. Like the students, we know our teachers have found online learning very tiring and recognise that they have gone above and beyond their teaching duties to provide us with the best lessons possible. From hearing them crunch on their cereal in the morning and sharing the audio with their young children to spending many hours outside lessons preparing lessons or training themselves with how to use the online technology – we simply say, thank you. We hope all staff have a welcome half-term break.

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