Students return from Service project in South Africa

26 February 2016


As a member of the Round Square organisation of schools, and as part of the Service element of their IDEALS, we have organised a trip to South Africa for a number of years. Along with our host School, Tiger Kloof, we support a number of projects with the help of the Windermere School community.

Over the February half term holiday, 15 students and 3 staff travelled to Vryberg and a township called Huhudi . This year, there have been many endeavours to raise the funds needed to support these projects. Over the next year, alongside students sharing their experiences, they will also explain the effort they have gone to in order to raise these funds so that you can understand the entire process and just how important Windermere School is to the community of Huhudi.

As you drive into the township, you can’t help but notice the self-built shacks, the barbed wire fences and the litter in the streets.  This is a place of obvious poverty; however, the Windermere School community, in partnership with Tiger Kloof, contributes vastly to the everyday lives of Huhudi’s residents.

Over the next few months, we will provide you with ‘Tiger Bite’ information on the part of Windermere School that continues to grow in Huhudi in South Africa.

Welcome to Thussanang
Thussanang is a centre in Huhudi for over fifty people with disabilities.  This is a comforting place for young and old to go, during the day, being able to play safely and learn, whilst providing the attendees with a good meal each day.  Thanks to the generosity of the Windermere community, we have not only been able to continue to provide equipment to Thussanang but have also been able to help the centre by providing all the food for the next seven months.  Whilst at Thussanang, Windermere students assisted with lessons, gardening and play time, whilst others fed the younger members. The WS students also gave the Thussanang attendees their much sought after attention.

Join us in our next ‘Tiger Bite’ to read about how additional funds were used to improve the facilities at Thussanang.


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