Year 5 First Aid

14 February 2020

It was first aid fun for Year 5 this week.

We started off watching some Red Cross films about a range of first aid emergencies – choking, asthma attack, burns, broken bones, unresponsive person and bleeding. These films are designed specifically for children and all show children helping other children in an emergency situation. We then went outside to practise our drama skills as well as our first aid knowledge. All the children had the chance to act as a casualty and as a first aider.

We saw a film about Mountain Rescue and discussed how all MRT personnel are volunteers who have other jobs and get called out to help in a whole variety of situations. We also looked at how to contact Mountain Rescue in an emergency. This led onto discussing why we always go out on Adventure lessons with lots of clothes and full waterproofs. The children then all got into a group shelter and we talked about how useful it would be in an emergency situation and how it helps prevent hypothermia. What goes in a first aid kit was the next task and all the groups had some good ideas.

We finished by watching a children’s version of Vinny Jones’ CPR film and then they all had a go at performing CPR chest compression on our Resusci Annies while listening to the Bee Gees ‘Stayin’ Alive’. Mr Rowe and I were very impressed with their first aid skills. If you have any medical emergencies over half term then find a Year 5 pupil and they will be able to help!

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