Year 6

19 March 2020

Last Friday, Year 6 looked at the conservation element of the John Muir Award and decided to clear the school ground of some rhododendron and laurel. They worked together to chop back some dense areas and they were all really pleased with the end result. After some hard work, we walked to the top of Orrest Head and had a Lake District Quiz led by Mr Reedy.

On Monday, Year 6 applied their knowledge of forces in teams to create an investigation into the effects of air resistance. They created parachutes to test different variables. Some groups chose to change the size of each parachute and some changed the material the parachute was made from. After making these, the children enjoyed dropping their parachutes and recording the time it took to land. We also tested what happened to pepper in water when we put soap on the end of our finger and put it in the water (why don’t you try this at home).

On Thursday, Mrs Holmes kindly gave us the equipment to complete a density column. They used sugar solutions and found out the relative densities of each of the solutions. As they dropped a grain of rice into each solution they recognised that the speed varies. The denser the solution, the slower the fall. Then they used pipettes to gently layer the solutions into the measuring cylinder. The children explored and investigated the different densities and the patterns they could make.

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