Young Writers’ ‘SOS Hunted’ Competition – Student Poetry Entry

13 February 2020

Congratulations to Finn Geraghty (Year 7), who submitted his 100-word mini-saga, ‘Granny Has Alzheimer’s’, to the Young Writers’ ‘SOS Hunted’ competition and has received a Certificate of Merit.

Granny Has Alzheimer’s

Granny has Alzheimer’s. She has a dog named Jack that always plays outside. But his life was over. She hunted for Jack, not realising he was never coming back. She was scared stiff for her darling Jack.

The family came. It didn’t feel the same, Granny wasn’t there. They looked everywhere for Jack. They went to the animal shelter and hunted for dogs that looked like Jack, with fur as black as the night sky. They took one home. Everyone was excited. The name should’ve been female, but that didn’t matter. Granny wouldn’t know it wasn’t Jack because Granny has Alzheimer’s.

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