Outdoor Learning takes the curriculum outdoors and into our amazing local UNSCO environment, whether that is the school grounds or the wider area.


Pupils who experience an outdoor learning environment are more attentive, while consistent exposure to nature decreases stress and anxiety, helps elevate mood, and helps with emotion contributing to a positive learning experience. At Windermere School geography becomes real, and science is linked to the preservation and conservation of the environment. English might involve a trip to Rydal Caves to strengthen use of ‘spooky’ adjectives or taking a poetry lesson under the old oak trees. Learning in this way is more memorable and allows our pupils to participate more actively in their own education.


The Early Years at Elleray Campus are where the adventure begins, rooted in the belief that care, creativity, curiosity and courage develop motivated and successful learners, as well as confident and compassionate individuals. Children can join us from their third birthday and will take part in a wide range of experiences in our Forest School and grounds. From Years 3 to 6 students have half a day Adventurous Learning each week. All students take information in differently and Adventurous Learning allows those that need a practical education to fully reach their potential.


The adventure continues as students move to our Senior School campus, Bowhead, where the outdoors is used as our greater classroom. Outdoor learning is woven throughout the whole curriculum with certain subjects, such as science, completing up to 40% of lessons outdoors. Pupils find their personal route to achievement, discovering their own strengths and potential.


Your journey starts here

Arrange a private tour to experience what it means to be part of our unique school community. As you walk around, observe the inspiring teaching, outstanding location and excellent pastoral care. From sailing to science, Windermere School’s size, ethos and flexibility provides a truly individual education.


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