As pupils face the most challenging times of their lives, outdoor learning and connection to nature is often lost in a world of revision and technology. At Windermere School we believe there is never a more important time for children to understand their place in the world.


Allowing our senior school pupils to study outside, often within our purpose-built outdoor classroom space, enables them to physically grasp complex curriculums while benefitting from mental health and physical wellbeing. Pupils find their personal route to achievement, discovering their own strengths and potential while participating more actively in their own education.


Our pupils have enthusiasm for being outside, even those who have not previously found certain subjects motivating tend to be engaging, and it has often allowed pupils to maintain enthusiasm and focus through to GCSE level and beyond.


Since 2014 Windermere School has utilised the local environment to develop Science lessons. We carry out approximately 40% of lessons in Years 7 and 8 outside, trying to make a connection between Science and everyday life. Some examples include:

  • Safely boiling water over a fire to make hot chocolate and discussing the process of evaporation, and boiling in terms of particles and energy transfer.
  • Visiting local National Trust grounds for an ecological study which includes transects, pH and water content of soil samples and flora and fauna identification.
  • Collecting coloured leaves and boiling them on a fire to make natural indicators.
  • Taking samples of invertebrates from the streams to look at water quality and to complete statistical tests.
  • Using the outdoor playground to look at forces, balanced and unbalanced.
  • Producing large bubbles to look at the refraction of light.
  • Water sampling from different points in the lake to titrate and test for oxygen content.
  • Using a large game in the woods to demonstrate the predator-prey relationship. This is done in cycles and a graph is plotted depending on the number of prey caught and how much food the predators and the prey have obtained.


The Early Years at Elleray Campus are where the adventure begins, rooted in the belief that care, creativity, curiosity and courage develop motivated and successful learners, as well as confident and compassionate individuals. Children can join us from their third birthday and will take part in a wide range of experiences in our Forest School and grounds. From Years 3 to 6 students have half a day Outdoor Learning every other week. All pupils take information in differently and Outdoor Learning allows those that need a practical education to fully reach their potential.

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