We embrace the Creative Arts & Drama and believe that exposure to these genres is essential to provide a rounded education.

By creating opportunities for pupils to discover and develop passions in art, design, drama and music, we know that their enjoyment of school life will be enhanced and develop personal skills and a cultural appreciation of the arts that will last a lifetime.

Our campus includes dedicated art studios including a ceramics room, darkroom and individual spaces for pupils to use as their creative base. In addition, we have a well-equipped tiered theatre, numerous music practice rooms and drama space. Pupils can choose from various instrumental lessons and Speak and Drama. We stage a Senior School production every autumn which pupils from across the Senior School can take part in.


What we offer:


Key Stage 3, GCSE Drama, and IB Theatre Studies are popular subject choices in the curriculum. Every year, the Drama/Theatre, Art and Music departments combine forces to produce a major musical which is performed to public audiences in the autumn term. The Spring Term offers the opportunity for pupil-led performances in the Inter-House Performing Arts Competition, in early February, and the term ends with the more serious senior drama production. In the summer term, the attention is turned towards the Drama Club which is given the opportunity to perform a small-scale production to the whole School.


Visits to theatres are arranged to enrich the programme by offering enjoyment and inspiration to the pupils. This year’s GCSE Drama and IB Theatre Studies pupils journeyed to London to see ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Hairspray’ on stage, to help develop their knowledge and understanding of theatre, returning determined and inspired.


Individual and small group Speech and Drama lessons are available to pupils at an extra cost. Many of our pupils take this opportunity and successfully achieve high grades in their LAMDA examinations.


At the end of each academic year the school is in a unique position to offer pupils’ the opportunity to view a live public performance presented by LIPA 4:19 Drama Company here at the school. Any Windermere School pupils who wish to be a part of the Drama Company are provided with advice on the audition process, which provides talented performers with this wonderful opportunity.


The Schools’ performing arts are backed by an able group of pupils who prefer to work out of the limelight. Stage lighting, prop production and backstage management are all undertaken by our older pupils.


Craft Club: provides the opportunity for projects such as greetings card making.

Art Club: two different age groups, Junior and Senior.

Scenery Painting: a seasonal activity that operates prior to major school productions.

Prop Making: this again is a seasonal activity that operates prior to major school productions.