Payment Methods

School fees are billed termly in advance and are due before the first day of term.  Payment can be accepted either by bank transfer or by credit card.  In addition to this, the School is pleased to offer additional ways to pay:

Direct Debit Scheme

For those who would like to spread the cost of fees evenly over the year, we offer a direct debit scheme.  Fees are collected over 12 months starting in July, and ending in June, and extras are collected three times per year after billing.  We can only do this if parents have a UK bank account.

Fees in Advance

This scheme entitles all those who participate to a discount of fees, equivalent to 3% per year on the amount deposited in advance. It is similar to earning bank interest, but the interest is applied as a discount against the termly fees. Any amounts remaining when a student leaves can be returned, or paid over to another educational institution or university.

Fees in Advance