Scholarships & Bursaries

At Windermere School we offer a variety of scholarships which you can find listed below. For full details please download our Scholarship Information Guide, available to here.

The Cumbria Award – External – Year 7, 10 and 12 entry

This award is for students currently attending state-maintained schools in Cumbria. This award is for a student who would benefit from the broad educational experience offered by Windermere School and the application should be endorsed by the Headteacher of the applicant’s school. This award is designed to assist those pupils whose family circumstances would make this unattainable without a means-tested reduction of school fees (day or boarding) up to 75%.  The offer of the Award will be dependent on an excellent confidential report from the pupil’s current Headteacher and a strong potential as demonstrated in scholarship examinations.

Cumbria Awards given in Year 7 and 10 will run until the end of Year 11.  Awards given in Year 12 will run until the end of Year 13.

We have special arrangments in place for students entering Year 12 in September 2020, click here for more details.

The Westmorland Award – External – Year 12 Entry

This is a two-year academic scholarship for international students.

The Sharpe Award – Internal – Year 10 and Year 12 internal candidates

These two-year awards are for academically gifted students and are awarded to the top-performing candidates in Year 10 and 12.

The Browhead Award – Internal or External – Year 10 and Year 12 entry

This scholarship is for excellence within Drama, Art or Music and will run for two-years.

The Hodge Howe Award – Internal or External – Year 7 (Sailing only), Year 10 and Year 12 entry

Candidates for this two-year award must demonstrate a high level of achievement in a variety of sports or outdoor activities or excellence in one.  A Hodge Howe Award is also available for talented sailors wishing to join the school in Year 7, and this award would run for three years.

Round Square Award – Internal or External – Year 12 entry

Windermere School is a Global Member of the Round Square Organisation. At the Headmaster’s discretion, candidates who have shown exceptional levels of Leadership or Service in their community are welcome to apply for this two-year award.

Bursary Assistance (UK students only)

Means-tested bursaries are awarded to those pupils whose parents/guardians wouldn’t otherwise be able to pay the full fees. An independent company will assess the family finances during a home visit and make a recommendation to us. This isn’t a test but is designed to produce a fair assessment. Please click here for more information.

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