Scholarships & Bursaries

Windermere School values talent and ability in all disciplines in the curriculum. We therefore award scholarships to students starting in Years 7, 10 and 12.  Scholarships have the following values:

Years 7 – 9                 £150 per year

Years 10 – 11             £250 per year

Years 12 – 13             £350 per year

Scholarships are not paid as cash or given as reductions in the school fees. They are given as credits to be redeemed against school trips and events. This is to help enable all students to enjoy the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities on offer, whatever the financial means of the family.  A separate application can be made for assistance with school fees but such applications for bursaries are made by the parents to the Finance office. (See below)

At Windermere School we offer a variety of scholarships:

The Cumbria Award – External – Year 7, 10 and 12 entry

This award is for students currently attending state maintained schools in Cumbria. This award is for a student who would benefit from the broad educational experience offered by Windermere School and the application should be endorsed by the Headteacher of the applicant’s school. This award is designed to assist those pupils whose family circumstances would make this unattainable without a means-tested reduction of school fees (day or boarding) by at least 75%.  The offer of the Award will be dependent on an excellent confidential report from the pupil’s current Headteacher and a strong potential as demonstrated in scholarship examinations.

All candidates for the Cumbria Award will sit a variety of academic papers. These will include an English paper, a Mathematics paper, a cognitive abilities test and an interview. For entry into Year 12, the award will be confirmed after GCSE results are published.  All candidates will be interviewed by the Headmaster and other senior staff.

Cumbria Awards given in Year 7 and 10 will run until the end of Year 11.  Awards given in Year 12 will run until the end of Year 13.

The Westmorland Award – External – Year 12 Entry

This is a two-year academic scholarship for international students. Applicants should be predicted to achieve at least six grade A*s or level 8/9s at GCSE/IGCSE (or equivalent) and will need to provide school reports from the last two years and a letter of recommendation from their current Headteacher.  The papers for the Westmorland Award will include a General Paper and a Mathematics Paper, as well as a cognitive abilities test, and these must be taken under strict examination conditions in the candidate’s current school, in the office of an appointed Agent or through British Council offices in the country of residence. These will be followed by interviews with the Headmaster and relevant members of staff, either in person or through Skype.

The Sharpe Award – Internal – Year 10 and Year 12 internal candidates

These two-year awards are for academically gifted students and are awarded to the top-performing candidates in Year 10 and 12. For students applying for Year 10, their performance will be assessed towards the end of Year 9.  For Year 12, their performance at GCSE will be assessed, and they should have achieved at least six A*/8/9s at GCSE/IGCSE. In both cases, students must have demonstrated all-round excellence throughout their time at Windermere School.

The Browhead Award – Internal or External – Year 10 and Year 12 entry

This scholarship is for excellence within Drama, Art or Music and will run for two-years. A condition of the award is that Browhead scholars are expected to participate fully in the arts life of the school. Music candidates must prepare two contrasting pieces of a standard not less than Grade V (Year 10 entry) and Grade VI (Year 12 entry) of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. One of these pieces should be played or sung from memory, and both will be performed in front of a panel of judges. There will also be sight-reading and aural tests commensurate with the level of entry. As part of the scholarship, free musical tuition for one instrument is offered. Original certificates must be submitted as part of a portfolio no later than seven days before the assessment day.  Art candidates are required to submit a portfolio of up to five pieces of artwork which may be in any medium, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and film. This portfolio must be submitted no later than seven days before the assessment day. On the assessment day, there will be an interview.  Drama candidates are required to provide a portfolio, as well as perform, from memory, a monologue of their own choice and discuss their interest in it.

The Hodge Howe Award – Internal or External – Year 7 (Sailing only), Year 10 and Year 12 entry

Candidates for this two-year award must demonstrate a high level of achievement in a variety of sports or outdoor activities or excellence in one. Ideally, the candidate should represent the county, region or country in their chosen sport or outdoor activity and this must be a sport or outdoor activity in which the school regularly competes. The major competitive sports are Athletics, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Tennis and Sailing. This portfolio must be submitted no later than seven days before the assessment day. The interview will be by a panel and PE or Outdoor staff will watch the candidates in action.  A Hodge Howe Award is also available for talented sailors wishing to join the school in Year 7, and this award would run for three years.

Round Square Award – Internal or External – Year 12 entry

Windermere School is a Global Member of the Round Square Organisation. The six pillars of Round Square: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service are integral to life at Windermere School. At the Headmaster’s discretion, candidates who have shown exceptional levels of Leadership or Service in their community are welcome to apply for this two-year award. A detailed portfolio must accompany any application.

All candidates for Awards must be present at Windermere School on the appropriate Award Day, except international applicants.

The Headmaster will interview all candidates for Awards. In some cases, these interviews may take place in the candidate’s current school. These interviews will be conducted within two weeks of the date of the appropriate Award Day assessments.

Tenure of Awards

All Awards are re-assessed annually and are reviewed on the basis of a student’s progress, commitment and   behaviour. All scholars are expected to set an example to others in all that they do. The School reserves the right to remove an award if a student falls below the standard expected, in any aspect of their school life. Where the level of performance or behaviour falls below that expected, the School will give one term’s written notice of its intention to remove an award.

Bursary Assistance (UK students only)

If a candidate is awarded a place in the School, but not a scholarship, and his or her family are not able to pay the balance of the School fees, he/she can apply for a means-tested bursary to assist with meeting the School fees.

More information

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