Adventure and discovery at Windermere School begin here. Our youngest pupils are given the chance to find their own magic through learning, both indoors and outdoors. This is a place where children can be children, with plenty of time to explore and play, whilst learning that education is both fun and exciting.


Our philosophy is simple, we encourage each child to develop at their own pace and according to their individual needs. We achieve this through a combination of child-led and adult-initiated activities, with staff that are passionate about helping every child to succeed in a happy and nurturing atmosphere. There is a genuine family feel here, together with an incredible sense of fun and energy.


Using a practical learning-through-play approach, we ensure that these crucial developmental years are filled with wonder and new discoveries, in a warm and engaging environment. Each room in the Early Years Department has access to an enclosed Outdoor Play Garden. This allows the children to thrive in the natural environment, with inspiration from the unspoiled views of the beautiful Lake Windermere and Lake District fells beyond.


Children can join Windermere School from their third birthday. They will take part in a wide range of experiences: from music-making to plum-picking in the orchard; watching the newborn lambs in the adjacent meadow; writing their own name for the first time or performing in the nativity play.


Windermere School welcomes children up to Year 1 that are eligible for Funded Hours, for up to 30 free hours per week.

Please contact us to find out more.


The Early Years day starts at 8.30am and provides a full day for children through until 3.50pm if required, and includes regular snacks and lunch. There is the option of staying for the late afternoon session until 5.15 pm, when a light tea will be provided.


By starting your child’s learning journey at Elleray Campus, the transition into Junior School is smooth and provides a consistent education. The Early Years children utilise the main school building, so they are familiar with their next step environment.

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