Junior Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is central to the ethos of Windermere School. We are a welcoming and friendly school with a happy working environment for both children and staff alike because of the excellent relationships we build with one another. We believe that happy children are more resilient and therefore do well academically, socially and emotionally.

All our children are able to talk freely and openly to any member of staff if they have any concerns on a work or personal level. Staff respond to children in an appropriate manner, offering advice, support, guidance and reassurance in conjunction with our other policies, including our Child Protection Policy.

The Form Teacher or the member of staff on duty resolves minor difficulties, worries or upsets involving any child which arise in or out of the classroom.

The child concerned usually participates in any discussion about an incident as this is a valuable part of learning.

All concerns about a child’s behaviour, health or welfare, are referred to the Head Teacher. We positively encourage good behaviour and have a system of rewards and sanctions in place to reinforce the positive and discourage the negative.

All staff are positive role models to pupils, encouraging the development of good manners and respect for all.