Welcome from the Headmaster

Though our buildings are temporarily closed, Windermere School is very much in operation and we have moved our outstanding educational offering online for the Summer term.

None of us will remember a summer term like this one. I cannot welcome everyone back to school, but I can say we started a new term historically.

Everything about education has changed, except for the study of individual subjects. They are like the branches of a tree and yet an internet cable has replaced the trunk, holding the branches together, allowing for the flow not of sap, but of information. It is harder now to see the whole community for it exists in a different reality. The tennis courts are deserted, yet these unique times provide an opportunity to reset and think differently.

This term is going to be a true adventure and, like all good adventures, it will be full of challenges, and provide us all with tales to tell in the years ahead.

Ian Lavender - Headmaster, Windermere School     – Ian Lavender, Headmaster