The School operates as both an RYA Training Centre and a recognised centre for British Youth Sailing, representing the two sides of sailing: training and racing.

While a number of students have aspirations to represent GB at the highest level, others simply want to appreciate learning to sail and work through the RYA training stages to enjoy sailing solely for pleasure.

We have a number of boats used for sail training to suit experience and size, while our mixed team of boys and girls race in Tera and Feva dinghies. We sail: against other schools; in local races with the Royal Windermere Yacht Club Denis Hopper Series; at RYA North West Traveler races: at Grand Prix series around the country; at the National Championships; and at the World Championships. We believe we are uniquely positioned to take children of all abilities and our highly qualified coaching and sailing staff seek to provide as wide a range of sailing opportunities as possible.

Girls and boys may join us as experienced sailors with aspirations to achieve highly, or arrive as novices and will receive equally dedicated support to allow them to reach their potential. We encourage boys and girls to join as young as practical and many of our highest achieving sailors joined us at the beginning of the school life, at Elleray campus; we are very proud of this achievement. We have a number of boats used for sail training to suit experience and size, while our mixed team of boys and girls race in Tera and Feva dinghies.

Transferable skills

Sailing develops many skills that are transferable to the outside world and would include: Social and communication skills – confidence in groups, presentation skills, communication and ability to interact with others; working as part of a team and the development of reflective skills. Organisation skills – planning, prioritizing, goal setting and monitoring; target setting and evaluating. Decision making – decision making is central to sailing, sailors develop the robust skills of problem solving under pressure, creative thinking and information processing. Psychological skills – improved confidence, commitment, an awareness and ability of managing emotions and stress, improved task focus, dealing with pressure and adversity, coping with setbacks and target setting.

Sailing as an After-School Activity

After-school sailing activities include: racing against Windermere Royal Yacht Club, recreational sailing, Elleray Campus race training, Senior School race training and the School’s “Frostbite” winter racing series.

Easter and Summer Sailing Courses

To take advantage of our excellent facilities and instructors, the school is offering RYA Sailing Courses, for 8 – 17 year olds, throughout the Easter holiday and July. For more information, please click here.

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