Windsurfing is based at Hodge Howe, our RYA training centre, on the shores of Lake Windermere. With the very latest  windsurfing boards and sails from Tushingham and Starboard to suit any size and experience, the School provides the perfect opportunities for beginners to advanced riders.

Students in Years 7 to 9 enjoy windsurfing as a part of their timetabled Adventure programme. Those students in Years 10 to 13 who wish to Windsurf, can take it as an after-school activity and advance to the higher stages of the RYA syllabus, from beginner to future instructors. Windermere School’s highly motivated team of RYA Senior windsurf coaches have experience of working around the world, coaching the very latest beginner techniques to the more advance racing moves. All instruction follows the RYA Youth Windsurfing Syllabus with students learning the basics of how to get up and go, through to hooking in and the very latest freestyle move.


Course Assumed Knowledge Course Content Ability after the course
Stage 1 None All fun and no theory. Get on the water and discover Windsurfing. We will get you up and sailing in no time. Able to sail to a chosen point on the water and return to where you started in light winds
Stage 2 Standard Stage 1 Sailor Learn to tack and gybe, helping you make progression towards and away from the wind Able to sail on all points of sailing in light winds, tacking and gybing
Stage 3 Competent stage 2 sailor A mixture of theory and practical, introducing beach starting and harness technique, with time spent improving tacking and gybing in stronger winds Able to sail on all points of sailing in a variety of conditions, knowing when to tack and gybe, use the harness and beachstart
Stage 4 Competent stage 3 sailor Hook in and hang on! This stage builds on a confident ability to tack, gybe and sail in the harness with an introduction to basic footstrap technique Able to sail around using the harness, knowing when to tack and gybe, showing a basic ability to use the footstraps.