RSIS Project

Every year Round Square organises at least six Round Square International Service (RSIS) projects. These bring students together from around the world to work as a truly international team, helping communities. Every project aims to help students work towards our IDEALS.

A unique opportunity for students and communities

When students visit an RSIS project, they spend at least two weeks working on site. Project teams include students from the host country, so the visitors will begin to get a feel for the culture they are visiting. They also have the chance to go on cultural tours as well as adventure activities like treks, white-water rafting and safaris.

Every RSIS project is led by a team of trained and experienced teachers from Round Square schools across the world. Leaders are selected on their experience and their knowledge of the area, as well as the experience they have of working with young people.

Over the past few years Round Square has been involved in some truly life-changing projects across the world.
• Honduras – Built accommodation and facilities at an agricultural school for under-privileged boys
• Guatemala – Helped to build fog water-catchment nets in remote villages
• India, Ladakh – Teams constructed much-needed facilities in remote villages
• Kenya – A 5 year project provided dormitories and facilities in a Masai Girls’ School
• Peru – Provided essential earthquake relief, rebuilding damaged buildings in affected communities
• Northern Thailand – Brought clean drinking water to the remote villages of the Karen Hill tribe in the north

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

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