GCSE/IGCSE Examination Results

Since 2012, Windermere School has offered IGCSEs in Modern Foreign Languages, Mathematics and English.

In terms of GCSE and IGCSE examination results, of the students in this year’s GCSE cohort, 92% secured the equivalent of A* to C grades in their exams (levels 9 – 4), significantly higher than the national average of 67.3%. Almost half of our students achieved results which were graded A* to A (levels 9 – 7), more than double the national average of 20.8%. The new levels have been introduced to offer more differentiation at the top of the grading scale, meaning a Level 9 is actually even better than an A*.

Windermere School GCSE Results 2019

GCSE/IGCSE Results20092010201120122013201420152016201720182019
Number of Candidates 4351454558475145424950
Number of subject entries385.5465.5366.5399533384432391328448404
Number of students with five or more A* to C grades4042433752394743394647
% of students with five or more A* to C grades938295.684908392959293.394
Cumulative % passes
A* - A48.82940.837.438.736.040.851.345.058.545.9
A* - B69.35873.764.671.464.574.378.273.977.566.3
A* - C85.58493.284.590.183.992.795.492.293.392.0
A* - D94.89598.996.896.896.298.298.797.297.198.5
A* - E98.49910098.598.699.499.599.299.899.399.5
A* - F98.799.599.399.410099.799.799.799.3100
A* - G99.599.899.399.6100100100100100