Sixth Form University Entrance

A pathway to a career is fundamental in education, and our Department supports students with clear and concise information to make the best use of all options.

The majority of students choose to pursue Higher Education.  Preparation for Oxbridge entry is conducted by the Heads of Faculty and begins in Year 12. For all students, there are structured programmes that teach how to conduct research, formulate realistic and fulfilling goals, and to develop strategies to achieve results. The school provides a fully equipped careers library, offering a range of resources including DVDs on career choices, university prospectuses, guidance and reference books for all types of careers and higher education options. Sixth Form students receive two careers lessons per week, plus regular sessions with members of staff to form an individual strategy to achieve their goals. There is also a programme of presentations by speakers in a range of professions, along with students attending careers conventions and university visit days. Every other year, the school hosts a Careers Conference which attracts exhibitors both nationally and internationally. Each Sixth Form student will create a personal action plan to include:

  • Attending presentations on individual subject courses
  • Training in interview techniques
  • Oxbridge preparation
  • Personal development strategies
  • Transferable skill building
  • Conducting mock interviews – university and professional
  • UCAS application advice and training
  • Arranging University visits
  • Attendance at Higher Education fairs
  • Researching Work experience placements

University placement Our leavers can be found working in fulfilling careers around the world. The list below displays where our leavers have been accepted at University, Higher Education, or the Armed Forces. The latest destinations of leavers can be found here.