Term Dates

Autumn Term 2020
Tuesday 1 September14.00
Year 12 Boarders and Senior Council return
Boarders’ Travel Day
15.00New Boarders Arrive
18.00Other Boarders return
Start of TermThursday 3 September8.25Lessons begin
Half-termFriday 16 October16.00Lessons end
(2 weeks)Saturday 17 October12.30Travel Day for Boarders
Sunday 1 November12.00 –20.00Boarders Return
Monday 2 November8.25Lessons begin
End of TermSaturday 12 DecemberTravel Day
Spring Term 2021
Monday 4 January18.00Boarders Return
Start of TermTuesday 5 January8.25Lessons begin
Half-termFriday 12 February16.00Lessons end
Saturday 13 February12.30Travel Day for Boarders
Sunday 21 February18.00Boarders Return
Monday 22 February8.25Lessons begin
Wednesday 31 March16.00Lessons end
End of TermThursday 1 April12.30Travel Day for Boarders
Summer Term 2021
Monday 19 April18.00Boarders Return
Start of TermTuesday 20 April8.25Lessons begin
Half-termFriday 28 May16.00Lessons end. (Half-term begins for Elleray students)
Saturday 29 May10.00Senior School Prize Day*, followed by travel afternoon for boarders
Half-term begins for Years 7 to 12 after Prize Day
Sunday 6 June18.00Boarders return
Monday 7 June8.25Lessons begin
Friday 2 July16.00Lessons end
End of TermSaturday 3 July12.30Travel Day for Boarders