Spotlight on Success: Windermere School’s Drama Brilliance

1 May 2024

We are thrilled to share some exceptional highlights from our recent showcase of performing arts at Windermere School. From the vibrant energy of our Speech and Drama Showcase to the thought-provoking performances of our Year 10 GCSE Drama pupils, the stage was alive with talent and creativity.

Speech and Drama Showcase:

On Monday night, parents and members of our school community gathered to witness the acting prowess of our pupils in a mesmerizing Speech and Drama Showcase. From Year 7 to Year 13, pupils took to the stage to deliver a captivating array of monologues and duologues, all in preparation for their upcoming Trinity exams this week.

It was an evening filled with passion, dedication, and a palpable love for the dramatic arts. Seeing our pupils embrace the spotlight with such enthusiasm was truly inspiring. As they showcased their talents before a live audience, they not only honed their performance skills but also demonstrated their commitment to excellence.

We extend our heartfelt wishes to all our pupils as they embark on their exams this week. Your hard work and talent have already made us proud, and we have every confidence in your success.

Speech and Drama success!  

We are delighted to share just how well their exams went: Thursday and Friday this week we saw 29 pupils from Years 7 -13  take their Trinity and Guildhall acting, speech and drama and communications exams, with 26 pupils achieving Distinctions and 3 achieving Merits.  This included 5 students who achieved Distinctions in Grade 8 (the highest grade) and consequently 30 UCAS points towards University entrance.

This was Mr Jones’ first exam cohort since taking over the teaching last year and he is understandably delighted with the results.  Well done everyone!

Y10 Devised Drama:

Our Year 9 pupils had the privilege of witnessing an examination performance from our Year 10 GCSE Drama boys. As part of their GCSE coursework, these pupils were tasked with creating an original piece of work inspired by a given stimulus.

Drawing inspiration from a poignant statue of a man clutching a suitcase, the group crafted a powerful narrative centred around the theme of war and its profound impact on the human psyche. Through their devised drama, they explored themes of resilience, trauma, and the complexities of human emotion, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed their performance.

Their dedication to their craft and their ability to breathe life into their characters was truly commendable. It is performances like these that remind us of the transformative power of storytelling and the importance of nurturing creativity in education.

As we reflect on these remarkable displays of talent and creativity, we are reminded of the incredible potential within each of our pupils. We look forward to continuing to support and celebrate their artistic endeavours as they journey towards excellence in the performing arts.

Windermere School Speech & Drama Showcase Evening


Windermere School Drama Showcase


Windermere School Drama Showcase


Windermere School Drama Showcase

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