The moment a child joins the Windermere School family they embark upon an adventure in which they will lay the foundations for all future learning, ensuring they can fulfil their potential. The formative years of a child’s development should never be underestimated and we relish the challenge of ensuring learning experiences are so irresistible that the children cannot help but dive right in. We work closely with parents and carers getting to know each individual child, which allows us to create a happy and fun school experience.

Language, literacy, and numeracy are fundamental but learning how to understand and translate ideas into action are essential life skills, that will sustain a lifetime of learning and prepare children as they grow through their education. A typical day in Reception begins at 8.15am and runs until 3.50pm with the option to stay for and after school snack after school activities. 

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Why Choose our Reception Class?

  • An Adventurous Spirit: With adventurous learning at the heart of our provision, children learn vital skills that they take back into the classroom, as well as take with them through life. From Pre-School children take part in weekly Forest School sessions, building the skills for the start of our Adventure programme in Year 3.
  • Small Class Sizes: We are able to offer three times more qualified teacher time which enables us to teach two adult-led Maths and Literacy sessions per week compared to the bi-weekly adult-led sessions in most state schools. Our strong partnerships with parents allow us to promote the highest standards for conduct and achievement in and out of school.
  • Specialist Teaching and Equipment: We have specialist teachers and equipment in Art, Outdoor Education, French, PE, Swimming (lessons start in Pre-School!) and Music.
  • Trips and Visits: Our pupils go on regular trips and have regular visitors, for example, in Reception we have visitors such as the local fire service and drama workshops and trips such as a pantomime and museums. They also get involved with lots of performances in school throughout the year.
  • Food and Nutrition: We have a fantastic catering team, on site, and a dedicated Dining Room. The lunch options are extensive and varied and are included in the school fees.
  • A truly unique location: Our highly qualified staff make the most of our stunning setting and excellent facilities. We promote effective early learning through play and exploration, active learning and problem solving, preparing children for our Adventure Programme at the start of Year 3. By developing the children’s ability to make decisions and become independent learners, we offer encouragement at every stage of their learning journey.

Daily Routine

Registration 8.15-8.30am
Assembly 8.30-8.45am
Period 18.45-9.30am
Period 2 (including snack)9.30-10.40am
Period 311.00-11.50am
Period 411.50-12.40pm
Lunch (including quiet time)12.40-1.55pm
Period 51.55-2.45pm
Period 62.45-3.35pm
Form Time3.30-3.50pm
Little Tea3.50-4.05pm
After School Activities4.05-5.00pm