History of our Uniform

The signature colours which feature on our uniform, have been associated with Windermere School for nearly one hundred years. The inspiration for the characteristic design originated from the brightly coloured beach chairs at Blackpool, Windermere School’s previous location (Lytham), before moving to Windermere in 1924.

Uniform Requirements

The details regarding the correct uniform for students at Windermere School can be found below:


Elleray Campus – Uniform Guide

Browhead Campus – Uniform Guide

Sixth Form Dress Code


The online school uniform service for Windermere School is provided by Schoolblazer, for both Browhead campus and Elleray campus.

Schoolblazer’s website can be accessed here: www.schoolblazer.com. The company was founded by parents for parents, to take the chore out of shopping for school uniforms. This secure online ordering service allows you to shop for all uniforms and sportswear at your convenience. If you have any questions or require help please do not hesitate to contact their helpline on 03337000703 or email Schoolblazer at customerservices@schoolblazer.com

Laptops and Equipment

Pupils will need to bring pencil cases with suitable contents as well as a fully charged laptop, charger, and headphones, but exercise books will be provided.

Device information for parents can be found here.