We pride ourselves on being a truly happy school where young boarders can enjoy their childhood, making friends and memories that will last a lifetime in a home away from home environment.


Our outstanding house team ensures that the houses run smoothly at a grassroots level and that the atmosphere within the house is friendly and comfortable, allowing all pupils to feel valued and confident at all points throughout their day. The team supervises everything from getting up in the morning to going to bed in the evening and the Houseparent is on hand throughout the day, they are brilliant at picking up on and spotting any potential issues often before they happen.


All boarding houses are found within our Browhead Campus giving our younger boarding pupils a special insight into the Senior School life, often building amazing friendships that support a seamless progression as they move up through the year groups.



Boarders enjoy a huge range of extra-curricular activities both after lessons have finished for the day, and at weekends. Clubs, sports, music practice, and voluntary work are all part of life at Windermere School, and there is also plenty of time just to relax and be with friends.


Weekends are filled with activities and trips, many of which day pupils are also invited to get involved in. Biking, climbing, ghyll scrambling, and walking and film nights are firm favourites, but, depending on the time of year, we might also pop into Windermere town to take in a local Christmas market and enjoy a spot of ice-skating or head to a local beach for a paddle.


Contact with Parents

Even the briefest telephone call can mean the world to a parent of a child at a boarding school. There is regular communication between house staff and the wider school community and parents are encouraged to get in touch with the team at any time. We believe close working relationships with parents are essential if we are to ensure that every pupil gains the most from their boarding experience. 


We recommend that parents of new pupils let their child settle for a few days before making regular calls, as even the strongest and most independent child can find the transition to boarding takes a little time. 

Meet our Head of Boarding

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to our extended Boarding family at Windermere School.


We believe close working relationships with parents are essential if we are to ensure that every student gains the most from their boarding experience, and therefore you will find that Houseparents and Tutors are always available to you. We work closely with our boarders to help them to grow into confident young people and while we travel on this journey with them we will also have lots of fun.


Mrs Monk, Head of Boarding