Social Experiences

Windermere School offers Sixth Formers a fantastic social experience. Whether boarders or day pupils, students are a part of Westmorland House where they have their own study spaces and common rooms. This quickly becomes the base of their social life, and the extensive programme of activities, sports and events provide opportunities for meeting new and interesting people.

At the end of the two years, The Senior Council oversea the wonderful Leavers’ Ball to celebrate everyone’s time at Windermere School.

Academic Life

The International Baccalaureate (IB) offers a holistic philosophy to how Sixth Form should be approached. It centres around a set of core competencies, skills and values which are important to the development of every student and requires students to study a broader range of subjects and consider the links between them, within an international context.

We place an emphasis on independent learning whilst providing close support for pupils’ encouragement. This independence is developed by tutors in class and by a study skills programme.

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Tutor Support

Sixth Form pupils have their own tutor to support them through two challenging and exciting years of study. Tutors act as academic advisors and help with UCAS applications, career guidance and are the main point of contact for all pastoral and academic concerns.

The Sixth Form benefit from formalised, planned academic sessions on week nights to support their studies in the IB. These sessions, however, are not simply additional lessons but are meant to inspire and extend students enjoyment of their subjects and learning in general.

Students’ personal tutors regularly visit their students in the boarding house to observe their home working environment and gain a sense of how they function outside the classroom; this can be of great help to improve the efficiency of a student’s work and to offer pastoral support.

Subject Choice

The IBDP pathway is made up of six subject groups – Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, and the Arts. Plus the DP Core, CAS Programme and Extended Essay. The IBCP Pathway incorporates a minimum of two DP courses, the Career-related study (Level 3 Business BTEC) and the CP Core.

Pupils also have the option to study a standalone BTEC or individual IB subjects, which can be complimented with the BTEC qualifications and individual Core components.

Outside the classroom

We are keen that pupils who leave our Sixth Form should be well prepared for university and life beyond.

A strong co-curricular programme based around over 50 clubs and societies allows sixth formers to develop their leadership skills whether it be taking a lead role in the Round Square Adventure Race or in a drama production, captaining a county sports team, or becoming a member of the student council.


We have an excellent programme of careers and UCAS application support and guidance. Detailed, specific advice, coupled with the opportunity to explore an extensive range of career options, ensures that our Sixth Form pupils make wise and appropriate choices about their future. We are committed to finding what is right for each individual.

We have an excellent record of students achieving places at institutions of their choice, be that in further study, apprenticeships or the work place. Guidance is provided from the initial selection of a pupils IB pathway of choice, right through to possible changes of direction after they receive their final results.