At Windermere School, we pride ourselves on the number of academic and extra-curricular opportunities available to our pupils, and it is important to consider the whole package when thinking about what you want to get out of your two years in the Sixth Form.


Almost all opportunities are occasions to learn but some are certainly more challenging, either academically or physically than others.


Our aim is to maximise the opportunities available and to give you the scope to find what it is you most enjoy, whilst encouraging you to try new things and perhaps surprise yourself by showing you what you can achieve.


Outdoor Adventure

The Outdoor Activity Programme during the Autumn Term includes recreational sailing, Race Team sailing, recreational kayaking, canoeing and windsurfing. You also have the opportunity to gain qualifications in sailing, canoeing and kayaking after school, and on Saturdays.

The Sailing Team is enjoying spectacular success at present. In recent years they have competed in the World Championships in Germany. Windermere School is the only school in the country to be awarded Championship Club status for its sailing provision.

International Trips

You will have the opportunity to attend the annual Round Square Conference, which is held in a different country each year.  In previous years locations have included India, America, Jordan and South Africa.

There are also a number of cultural trips. Once every two years, the Music department performs in a range of venues in Barcelona, and there is a cultural visit to Berlin each Autumn.

The Geography department organises an annual trip to Iceland, and there is the opportunity to go diving in the Red Sea.


Traditional team sport practices and matches take place throughout the year including netball, hockey, football, athletics, and tennis.

Adventurous Expeditions

During the weekends, and over some half-term holidays, you have the opportunity to become risk-takers and opt into the Adventure Programme. This includes activities such as sea kayaking in the West of Scotland, winter skills expeditions, caving and climbing, the Snowdonia adventure trip and the Wainwright hill walking days.