Autumn Term 2020

Tuesday 1 September14.00 15.30Year 12 Boarders and Senior Council return Year 12 Day Students Return
Wednesday 2 SeptemberSixth Form Induction
Boarders’ Travel Day
15.00New Boarders Arrive
16.00New Day Students Arrive
16.00Tea for new Students
18.00 Other Boarders return
Start of termThursday 3 September8.25Lessons begin
Half-termFriday 16 October16.00Lessons end
(2 weeks)Saturday 17 October12.30 Travel Day for Boarders
Sunday 1 November12.00 –20.00Boarders Return
Monday 2 November8.25 Lessons begin
End of TermWednesday 9 December

Spring Term 2021

Sunday 10 January18.00Travel Day
Start of TermMonday 11 January08.25Lessons begin
Half Term starts Friday 12 February16.05 Lessons end
Sunday 21 February12.00 –20.00Boarders return
Monday 22 February8.25Lessons begin
End of TermThursday 1 April12.30Travel Day for Boarders

Summer Term 2021

Monday 19 April18.00Boarders Return
Start of TermTuesday 20 April8.25Lessons begin
Half-termFriday 28 May16.00 Lessons end. (Half-term begins for Elleray students)
Saturday 29 May10.00Senior School Prize Day*, followed by travel afternoon for boarders
Half-term begins for Years 7 to 12 after Prize Day
Sunday 6 June18.00Boarders return
Monday 7 June8.25Lessons begin
Friday 2 July 16.00 Lessons end
End of TermSaturday 3 July 12.30 Travel Day for Boarders