Parents are a fundamental part of life at Windermere School, and The Friends are a group of active parents who help sustain our strong sense of community.

The Friends meet termly and comprise of one Parent Form Coordinator for each year group, with a Chair, Secretary, and representatives from the school. Anyone is welcome to join.

The events and social activities organised by The Friends are intended to create a friendly and welcoming social community for the benefit of parents, students, and staff which helps to highlight the family atmosphere of our school.

Funding is provided for projects which would normally fall outside of the Schools’ budget, and which enhance the educational and recreational experience across year groups. The distribution of the funds raised through events is decided at termly event meetings. The requests for funding are made to the Committee after approval by the Headmaster.


Chair – Katharine

Secretary – Emma

Senior School Student Liaison Officer – Rachel

Junior School Student Liaison Officer – Katie

Finance Liaison Officer – Wendy


Year Group form Coordinators are as follows:

Pre-school and Reception – Jo P

Year 1 – Daniella

Year 2 – Michelle

Year 3 – Katie

Year 4 – Katharine

Year 5 – Gina

Year 6 – Marie

Year 7 – Jo I

Year 8 – Yasmine and Clare

Year 9 – Sarah

Year 10 – Rachel

Year 11 – Natalya

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Fundraising Events and Activities

Gifts from The Friends