At Windermere School, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where all students can be confident and ready to meet the challenges life presents.

A strong sense of self-esteem can help a student reach their full potential and our staff embrace their duty to provide support to each and every student. We believe good relationships are the key to success whether it is on the sports field, academically, creatively, or in outdoor pursuits.

We implement a sound pastoral care structure, where each child is assigned a tutor to oversee both their academic and emotional welfare. In addition, both Senior School students and parents can seek advice from the Faculty Head and the School’s Deputy Head (Pastoral) who oversees the entire pastoral system. Students and parents at our Junior School site are encouraged to communicate directly with their Form Tutor or the Head Teacher. The emphasis is on open and honest communication.

Our students feel valued and have the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and achieve things that, at first, they may not have considered possible.