As a school, we strive to do more than equip our children academically for the future. Developing resilience has perhaps never been as important as it is now and our forward-thinking pastoral programme has this aim at its heart.

We focus on teaching children how to proactively manage their mental health, how to appreciate and celebrate the community’s diversity, particularly neurodiversity and how to show compassion and kindness within the Windermere School community and beyond. The work of our form tutors, allowing children to experience mindfulness practice or reflecting with them on good sleep hygiene is supported by the work of our new Wellbeing Centre.

A strong sense of self-esteem can help pupils reach their full potential and our staff embrace their duty to provide support to each and every individual. We believe good relationships are the key to success whether it is on the sports field, academically, creatively, or in outdoor pursuits.


The Wellbeing Room


Our new Wellbeing Room is situated in the heart of the school, and has glorious view of the Lake District country side. It not only houses the Head of Safeguarding & Wellbeing, but has the Senior Deputy Head for Pastoral and the School Nurse close by, ensuring that there is always help at hand. When necessary, the Wellbeing Room is made a private space so the pupils feel safe to talk about whatever is worrying them.

The Wellbeing Room is a peaceful place within the school where pupils can come and take some time out, pause and reflect. Pupils might come with a friend just to have some quiet time during breaks in lessons, but the space is also used for pupil support from both inside the school, and out.

First Aid and Life Skills classes can often be found going on in Wellbeing, preparing pupils for life beyond the school, and tutors can sometimes be found using the comfy chairs of this wonderful space for tutor time.

The Wellbeing Team is a group of highly experienced and qualified staff, both academic and support, who meet regularly to look at any pupil needs and aim to provide the best holistic care to support then on their journey through the school and beyond. By addressing any issues of concern, we hope to make the journey through Windermere School as meaningful as possible.

So, whether it is worries about yourself, or friends, the Wellbeing Room is a calm, safe space to come.