The Stannite Association connects former students, parents and supporters, and allows them to be involved with the future journey of the Windermere School (St Anne’s) family. 

Our ethos is to be a core pillar of the Windermere School community, alongside students, staff, parents, and Governors. We are continually building a bridge between the past, present and future of the school. Our aim is that we preserve and enjoy the rich heritage of this exceptional place which allowed each person to find their future path.

To some, the school will always be St Anne’s, to others Windermere St Anne’s, and most recently Windermere School. Whatever the name, there is something greater that connects us all; deep-rooted respect and a bond with the place that has had such a positive and meaningful impact on our lives.

Vincit Qui Se Vincit – One conquers who conquers oneself.



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