We are delighted to introduce you to our Senior Council for 2023-24.

The Senior Council plays an important role in School life and help with the smooth running of Windermere School. All member of the Senior Council are Sixth Form pupils and currently we have a Head of School and two Deputy Heads of School. Amongst various other roles the Senior Council members chair the various other School Councils and Committees:

  • Lower School Council
  • Middle School Council
  • Boarding Council
  • Food Committee
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

All pupils apply for a seat on a Council or Committee, undergo an interview process and are then elected. The Council or Committee meet with the Headmaster, Deputy Head, Head of Sections, Head of Boarding and Head of Round Square to discuss issues that may be of concern to the pupils they represent or the school as a whole. Their voices and opinions can be a force of good and a vehicle for change.


Serena Cooper, Head of School

I’m Serena and I study English theatre and history at higher level. I would like to change some of the things that annoy students on a day-to-day basis and make sure that everyone is heard and feel equal in the school community. As well as putting on events I also want to help the school remain as a kind and accepting community and to help people celebrate their unique experiences through events.

When I leave Windermere, I would like to study English literature, I’m passionate about poetry and would like to write for stage and screen in the future.


Hallé Wormall, Deputy Head of School

Hello, my name is Hallé Wormall and I am a member of the senior council. What I want to achieve by being a part of the senior council and also deputy head student is a strong sense of community within the school where kindness and support is always visible. I am currently doing the IBCP and studying business, maths, and psychology which I thoroughly enjoy.

My ambitions for when I leave school are to go to university and successfully get a degree in business marketing and management or events management as these are topics that I’m really interested in after starting the business BTEC course this year.


Grzegorz Figiel, Deputy Head of School

I joined Windermere school in September 2022 and I come from Poland. I am a full boarder. I joined the Senior Council because I adore influencing my surrounding positively through active participation in social life. My role within the school is Deputy Head Student. I also supervise the boarding and food committee, as these are the areas I deal with on a daily basis.

My responsibility is to ensure that the boarding community is satisfied with how the boarding houses function and that their expectations and ideas regarding boarding and food are being discussed and then enacted. Through these roles, I want to make Windermere school a place where allstudents feel comfortable. 


Julius von Glenck

I’m Julius from Switzerland and a full-time boarder. I would like to be perceived as the face of communication for the student council, available to all students. My goal is to listen to your concerns and ideas with an open mind, ensuring they’re heard, expressed, and discussed within the team. I’m really interested in science & business and aspire to work in this field later on. I’m also the senior council representative for the food and boarding committee, working together with Greg.

Don’t hesitate to share your concerns with me.


Sandra Okehs

My name is Sandra Okehs, I am from Nigeria and joined this school In October 2019 in year 9 from Lagos, Nigeria. Throughout my time in the school, I have actively used my voice to make changes. After Joining in October, I held a Middle school reflection in February on Black history month, in year 11 I joined the school boarding committee and was the head of Browhead, alongside Mr Hill (history teacher) I took part in his reflection on Black History month, in year 11 with help from members of round square I also ran an Earth hour event for all members of the boarding houses.

Now In year 12 I have taken it upon myself to be a member of the Senior Council which will help me continue to make the school environment a nicer place for all students to feel happy and comfortable.


Mayumi Singh 

As a member of senior council what I want to do is to help with ideas and issues that affect the school community and come up with solutions and ideas that will improve the school community working alongside my other council members. For myself being in this council I want  to improve my communication and teamwork skills  and improve my organisational skills.

Currently I study higher theatre , English and, drama, and then standard French maths and chemistry in the IB diploma programme.  Currently my plans for when I leave school is to study politics at university in the UK.