Did you know that you can access 30 hours of free funded childcare (during term times) at Windermere School?

The Government’s 30 hours Early Years’ Grant is available to families with children aged 3-4 years old.

Our term-time sessions that can be booked using the 30 hour scheme are from 9.00 to 12.30 and 1.00 to 3.30 (six hours a day). In addition, there will be the following additional wrap-around sessions, outside of these hours, including Breakfast Club and After School Club that will incur an additional cost and need to be booked in advance.


Who can use the 30 Free Hours Early Year Grant?

  • Working families in England
  • With 3 and 4-year-old children
  • 30 hours of free childcare or early education for 38 weeks
  • A total of 1,140 hours per year


Why use the 30 Free Hours Early Years Grant? 

The Early Years are a critical time in your child’s education, and Windermere School offers them the very best start.

Our philosophy is simple, we encourage each child to develop at their own pace and according to their individual needs. We achieve this through a combination of child-led and adult-initiated activities, using a practical learning through play approach, with staff who are passionate about helping every child to succeed in a happy and nurturing atmosphere. There is a genuine family feel here, together with an incredible sense of fun and energy.


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