All compliance School Policies are available for download from this section of the website. Alternatively, printed copies can be requested from the School Office: +44 (0) 15394 46164


Windermere School ISI Report




1.2a Curriculum Policy

1.3bi Learning Support and Special Educational Needs Policy

1.3bii EAL Policy

1.4a Measuring Pupil Performance

2d PSHE Policy including RSE Policy

2e Careers Guidance Policy

3.7a Safeguarding Policy

3.7ai Online Safety Policy

3.7aii Device Policy

3.7aiii Suicide Statement and Policy

3.7aiiii Child Protection and Safeguarding: COVID-19 Pupils returning to School Addendum

Appendix 1 – Staff Expectations for March 2021 onwards

Appendix 2 – Student Expectations for March 2021 onwards

Appendix 3 – Parents Expectations for March 2021 onwards

Appendix 4 – Remote Learning and Pastoral Support in more detail

Appendix 5 – Keeping safe online during remote learning

3.7c Staff Induction Procedure

3.7e Staff Code of Conduct

3.9a Behaviour Management

3.9ai Behaviour Handbook

3.10a Anti-Bullying Policy

3.10ai Anti Bullying (Cyberbullying)

3.10aii Anti-Hate Crime Policy

3.11 Health and Safety Policy

3.12ai Fire Risk Assessment – Browhead

3.12aii Fire Risk Assessment – Elleray

3.12aiii Fire Risk Assessment – Langdale House

3.12aiiii Fire Risk Assessment – Westmorland House

3.12b Fire Procedures

3.13a First Aid Policy

3.14a Supervision of pupils

3.14b Missing Child Policy

3.15a Admissions Policy

3.16a Risk Assessment

3.17a Equal Opportunities Policy (Whole School)

3.17ai Equal Opportunities (Employment)

3.17b 3 Year Accessibility Plan

3c Remote and Blended Learning Policy

4.18ai Recruitment Procedure

7.33a Complaints Procedure