Windermere School Prize Day: A Celebration of Excellence and Community Spirit

24 June 2024

On Saturday, 22 June, Windermere School came alive with joy and pride as pupils, parents and staff gathered for our annual Prize Day. This cherished tradition is a special occasion for us to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements of our pupils over the past year.

The day was filled with moments of heartfelt congratulations, as it provided the perfect opportunity to shake hands with many of our talented pupils and say “well done” for their outstanding accomplishments. Whether excelling academically or contributing to the nurturing, supportive community that defines Windermere School, every achievement was celebrated with genuine admiration and pride.

The ceremony featured incredible speeches delivered by both staff and students, reflecting on the year’s highlights. These speeches were a testament to the close-knit community we have built here at Windermere, where every individual’s contribution is valued and celebrated.

In his inspiring speech Windermere Schools Head, Mr Frank Thompson, said, “We are a Round Square school. Yes, the academic life of the school is fundamental. We are at a school, learning knowledge and acquiring thinking skills. The mental discipline, self-control and determination required are all vital. But we are also at a school with an almost unique ethos. Education has to have a purpose, and it should allow each pupil to discover their purpose. Learning isn’t only about clearing the highest hurdles, just to take on the next academic challenge. It’s about using our abilities to the greatest extent, growing to our greatest capacity, so we can fulfill our purpose and follow our highest path.”

Congratulations to all our prize winners! Your hard work, resilience and commitment are an inspiration to us all. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making this day a memorable success. From the meticulous planning to the enthusiastic participation, your efforts truly encapsulate the spirit of Windermere School.

Here’s to another year of excellence, growth and togetherness!

Windermere School Prize Day 2024


Windermere School Prize Day 2024


Windermere School Prize Day 2024


Windermere School Prize Day 2024


Windermere School Prize Day 2024


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