Year 2 – Monster Poems

29 January 2021

Year 2 have been doing monster poetry in English this week. They started by reading ‘Watch your Teacher Carefully‘ by John Foster and then wrote their own poem using questions and statements.


The children then had a go at guessing which teacher was being described….can you guess (the answer can be found at the bottom of the page)!


Nicholas’s Monster Teacher


What do they look like?

She has an apron splattered in red blood and has 7 eyes to look at children and see which one is the plumpest to eat and she is as colourful as a rainbow, but you wouldn’t like to get near her. She has 24 paintbrush arms to splatter over the children and 42 legs to chase them back into her tickle pink paintbrush arms. That’s how she looks.


What do they sound like?

She sounds like paint splattering all over the classroom and says “blaaa blaaa” and “splatt splatt” and “pheeya pheeya” all the time. That’s how she sounds.


Why do they wear trousers?

She wears trousers because she has 42 legs to cover and she doesn’t wear jeans otherwise she won’t run as fast to catch the plump, slow children. That’s why she wears trousers.


How do they move?

She has 42 legs to chase after the children and crawls into her paint splattering classroom to eat the plump children before she goes out to chase more plump children to eat. That’s how she moves.


What do they eat for lunch?

If she cannot get a plump child she sometimes eats a skinny fast and bony child or eats paint and for pudding she eats clay. That’s what she eats for lunch.


Why don’t they smile?

Because the clay sticks her mouth together and she can’t speak only if she eats more paint and skinny children, but the paint makes her frown. That’s why she doesn’t smile.


Where do they go home to at night?

She lives in the paint splattered room. She sleeps on a piece of paper and curls up like a spiral. She is colourful because she looks like one of the children’s spirals that they made and then when they look at her she jumps up and tries to eat them. That’s where she goes home at night. THE END.


Maia’s Monster Teacher


What do they look like?

This monster has short white hair made of strands of spider’s webs. It wears a blue stripy blazer. Its ten, blue, slippery, slimy legs are hidden underneath baggy trousers. Its seven beady eyes follow you around the room. Every child is watched VERY carefully.


What do they sound like?

The monster never talks. It sings everything it wants to say in a strange accent from a far away land. Children who get in trouble face a high-pitched scream that makes them freeze on the spot. They are never seen again.


How do they move?

The monster slowly slithers across the assembly room. When she spots children not wearing their school uniform, she slinks up behind them and banishes them to the school cellar. They are never seen again.


Why do they wear trousers?

The monster wears big, baggy, blue-strippy trousers. No one knows why her trousers are baggy. But some children believe her trousers hide all the missing children’s brains.


Nicholas’s monster teacher was Mrs Aspinwall and Maia’s monster teacher was Mrs King!