The Friends of Windermere School extend their thanks to all the supporters of our events and activities. The gifts given by the Friends of Windermere School are those which are requested and most valued by the School. These requests come from teachers, students, and Governors.

The Friends act as a means to support and build the School community by improving the students’ experience while studying, along with bringing parents together by working towards a shared goal.


The Raspberry Pi Lab at Browhead Campus

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that not only provides a platform for young people to learn how to code, but also has the ability to connect to input and output devices like buttons, LED’s, buzzers and robots. There is now a brand new lab which has been created next to the Art department, filled with Raspberry Pi devices and computers.

We are excited about the future and are looking ahead to projects like Submarine Pi (building a Pi into a submarine to explore the lake), HoverPi (building hovercraft out of recycled laptop parts), StratoPi (launching a Pi with a camera on a weather balloon and then trying to retrieve it) and AstroPi (writing a program to be run on the Raspberry Pi on the international space station).

Forest School at Elleray Campus

The students at Elleray are enjoying their new shelter and outdoor classroom where they learn outdoor skills.

Shelters on the New AstroTurf at Browhead Campus

Students from both Elleray and Browhead are now protected from the unpredictable Cumbrian weather, while they are playing on the new astroturf. This has allowed Windermere School to be more suitable for sporting events played against visiting schools.

More Projects

The Friends have funded a variety of projects over recent years, additional projects include:

  • Canopies at Elleray Campus and Browhead Campus that have been keeping the students out of the rain, while they wait to be collected after school.
  • Science equipment, garden gang seeds, head torches and sewing equipment.
  • Brand new sound system and lighting for Crampton Hall, at Browhead Campus, to use for events and shows
  • Boats for our watersports centre, Hodge Howe, to enhance the watersports activities.