5 reasons to attend an Open Week  

20 September 2023

1. Meet the teachers

These are the people that are going to teach your child, support your child, guide your child and be there for your child. This is a wonderful opportunity not only to see them in action and watch the way their class responds to them, but also to get a feeling of them as people. 

2. Bring your son or daughter

We encourage you to bring your child to Open Morning, particularly if you are interested in the Pre-School or Reception classes. There will be plenty of activities on display and they will get time to interact with the class and get involved should they want to.

3. Ask those tough questions 

Choosing a school can be a daunting decision that will affect the trajectory of your child’s life. Take the time to ask those difficult questions, the school will be more than pleased to discuss your worries, concerns, explain processes and dive deep into specific areas that are specific for your family. 

4.  Decide if you’re ready for a Taster Day 

A Taster Day is exactly what it says on the tin. Your child will experience a full day within the school taking part in lessons and interacting with their peers. It is the most fantastic way for your child to feel comfortable in the school and make friends before you decide to register with them. 

5. Meet the pupils

Our pupils are the product of our school, they are walking talking examples of our ethos, education and care. They are the very best way to judge what a school is. 

For more information on our Open Week, running from Monday 02 to Thursday 05 October 2023, please click here or email admissions@windermereschool.co.uk.