Celebrating Year 11 at Prom: A Magical Evening at Hodge Howe

2 July 2024

Before the end of term, Windermere School had the pleasure of celebrating our Year 11 pupils at their prom! Held at our beautiful water sports centre Hodge Howe, the event was blessed with perfect sunny weather, creating a picturesque setting by the lakeshore.

The evening began as Year 11 arrived with their families, who joined in the celebration and took stunning photos amidst the scenic backdrop. After a joyful time of catching up, the families bid farewell, leaving the pupils to enjoy their special night.

Dinner was a delightful affair, with Year 11 joined by their dedicated tutors, teachers and staff, who have supported them throughout their journey.

As the night progressed, the pupils sang and danced, it was a night of laughter, joy and celebration of their achievements and friendships.

While some of our Year 11 pupils will return to Windermere School in September for an exciting two years in Sixth Form, we extend our best wishes to all, wherever their next steps may lead them.

Year 11, it has been a pleasure to have every single one of you at Windermere School. Keep in touch, and we look forward to hearing about your future successes. Best of luck to each and every one of you!

Windermere School Year 11 Prom 2024


Windermere School Year 11 Prom 2024


Windermere School Year 11 Prom 2024


Windermere School Year 11 Prom 2024

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