New Year 6 Common Room: Enhancing Leadership & Learning

8 November 2023

Windermere School’s Year 6 children returned to school after the October half term break to the grand opening of their new Common Room, unveiled by Governor Chris Kenny, on Wednesday 9 November 2023.

The Common Room, designed specifically for Year 6, serves to emphasise the importance of the final year at the Junior School site, before the move to the Senior School campus for the start of Year 7. The Common Room has huge potential to enhance both learning and leadership, providing many opportunities for socialising, collaboration, creativity, relaxation and fun.

Mrs Jenny Davies, Head of Infant & Junior School, said, “Year 6 is a key time within a child’s development and can have a huge influence on their confidence within the first years of Senior School. We work hard to ensure Year 6 is an amazing experience for the children, and this new space will have a hugely positive impact”.

The children themselves were heavily involved with the fundraising efforts for their Common Room, raising an amazing £300 towards the renovation by hosting a car wash at the school, with the Friends of Windermere School Parent Association also supporting. Miss Charlotte Poole, a Year 6 parent and member of the Friends, who played a key role in the development of the room said, “What children see around them is fundamental to the way they learn, interact and express themselves, which makes it such a privilege to be part of the team transforming the new Year 6 Common Room.

The design is an extension of the natural environment surrounding Windermere School. Each of the six zones promotes creativity, learning, problem solving, relaxing and most importantly fun, whilst enabling the children to thrive whilst developing relationships and learning in an informal setting.

In line with the school’s strong ethos of sustainability the furniture was all reused, repurposed and upscaled to be kind to the environment, providing a fun, interactive space for years to come”.

Our children and families are thrilled with the transformation of the space and all the opportunities it affords. A huge thank you to Charlotte Poole and the Friends of Windermere School for their support.

If you would like to learn more about the School, and see our stunning new Year 6 Common Room for yourself, please do not hesitate to book a tour of the Junior School by contacting






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