Round Square Reverse Advent Calendar

18 November 2022

Between 5 – 9 December the Round Square Team is collecting different items on each day to donate to Windermere Food Bank to help everyone locally have an amazing Christmas.

Day 1: we will be collecting cereals,

Day 2: canned foods,

Day 3: Christmas themed sweets,

Day 4: toiletries

Day 5: we will be collecting miscellaneous items.

There will be a box to drop off donations at the front door at the Senior and Junior School. 

We have a few rules to make sure everyone gets the best foods possible to make their Christmas. Please note: no perishable foods, all foods need to be in date, no food that should be refrigerated or frozen, and make sure that packaging is still intact.


Round Square reverse Advent Calendar

The whole of The Round Square Team sends a BIG thank you and we wish you an amazing Christmas.