Argentinian Student Visit

17 January 2023

On Friday 14 January students from the English Language School (Innovation Language Centre, Argentina), who were visiting Windermere School, took part in Mrs Sinclair’s Spanish lesson.

Belén, Octavio and Felipe, together with their teacher Mrs Silvia Ramos spoke about Argentinian culture, traditions, food and celebrations. It was a unique opportunity for our students not only to practise Spanish but to experience some different varieties of Spanish spoken in different parts of the Spanish speaking world. After the presentation our students from Windermere School had a discussion with the Argentinian pupils followed by drinking “mate” (a traditional South American infused drink).

As Murray D commented: “For me it was an unforgettable experience, I’ve learnt so many things and I particularly enjoyed drinking “mate”. Now I would very much like to visit Argentina to find out more about this unique country”.

Mrs Sinclair