Creative Writing Club

19 November 2020

Last week, our Creative Writing Club were challenged to pick one of the Philosophical quotes below and then to choose a task.

There were some really wonderful pieces of work showing great maturity of creative thought. Well done everyone.

  • Write a poem which you think captures the essence of the quote
  • Create a character who embodies the quote.
  • Outline the plot of a play or story which uses the quote for inspiration


Katerina – ‘The beautiful may be small’

A single drop of rain on a trembling petal,


Relentlessly precipitated to the ground.

Shimmering arrow of fire, catches the light,

Sings an ode to joy, almost unreal in its fall,

Shines with millions of colours projected around,

Trapping sun rays, defies shadows, darkness, and night.

It’s life is short, but bright: this beauty is so small!


A single drop of rain on a trembling petal,

The drop quivers and falls, and its fall is fatal.



Mayumi – ‘Be as you wish to seem’

If you want to be seen as kind

Then be kind

If you want to be seen as strong

Be strong

If you want people to see that you are hurt

Show it

Don’t be scared to cover it up

If you want people to see you as a friend

Then act like a friend

If you want to be seen as a leader

Then act like a leader

If you want to be seen as clever

Then work hard and push yourself

But if you want to be seen as someone who needs help

Then show it

If you don’t feel comfortable in how you are seen

If that’s in your clothes, your manner or even your gender

Then don’t be afraid to change it

Because if that’s how you want to be seen

Then that’s fine

Because all you need to do is

Be as you wish to seem.



Serena – ‘Be as you wish to seem’


When I grow old,
What stories will I have told,

My life lies behind me set in stone,
Will I be surrounded with people or all alone?

Will I be proud of what I’ve done,
Or will I think I didn’t inspire anyone,

Will I be bitter that my time is done?
Or will I just be pleased that I was someone.