Growth Mindset Adventure Days

7 May 2021

The Outdoor Education department has been busy this week working with the older students in the School. Year 12 and Year 10 were asked to choose an activity that would challenge them and therefore, we hoped, take them out of their comfort zone. The benefit of this being it allows discussion about their feelings and the learning on the day. Often, as we step out of our comfort zone we do the most learning, and in Outdoor Education that often means there are a few failures and lessons learned. The hope being this learning is lifelong – ‘if I try hard at something I will succeed’.


On Wednesday the Year 12s had a full day of activity and the Year 10s on Thursday. Activities included – rock climbing, scrambling, caving, sailing and mountain biking. We were really impressed with the students, it was really nice to see these students again. Some of which, being new and covid times, we had not met and others have not been involved in adventure for some time.


There was some brilliant effort climbing and belaying with students trying really hard. The same with biking, sailing, and scrambling. Yesterday myself and Mr Rowe had a team caving and I was highly impressed, not just with the effort from everyone but also the support they gave each other.


We are looking forward to next Wednesday when we have Year 13 out. The week after we have many of Year 13 on a two-day expedition. Year 11 are out in June.


Mr Platt and the Outdoor Education Team.