Harry Potter in the sunshine

22 April 2021

On Thursday morning, Year 6 took advantage of the sunshine to read a chapter from Harry Potter with their Hogwarts house teams.
It was lovely to see them taking turns to read to each other and discussing the text as they went along.
I asked the children the best thing about learning about Harry Potter and reading in the sun and they said:
Ava: The best thing about learning about Harry Potter is being put in houses in school and taking part in the weekly Tri-Wizard competition. We have done quizzes, played Kahoot, and complete escape rooms in our houses.
Elyse: It was great to enjoy the sun outside and find a calm place to read with each other. I like imagining I am in the book.
Holly: It was nice to read together in the sun and spend time in our Hogwarts houses.
Year 6 is very much looking forward to their theme day on Tuesday where they will be visiting Browhead as well as other activities at Elleray.