ISI Regulatory Compliance Report

13 February 2023

I am pleased to be able to share with you the final report from our ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection that occurred earlier this term. As you will see in the introduction of the report, all judgments made are against standards either being ‘met’ or ‘not met’. This results in a somewhat ‘clinical’ final outcome, but there are some areas that have allowed a reflection of the excellent day to day work carried out in the school: ‘teaching enables pupils to make good progress’, ‘good behaviour is encouraged’, ‘views are actively encouraged, and opinions and concerns appropriately considered by staff’ all go to show the healthy culture of teaching and learning here at Windermere. The inspection also reviewed our boarding provision, an area which has recently undergone significant regulatory changes via the National Minimum Standards in Boarding, and it is therefore most encouraging that we have shown our ability to move forward with these changes fully implemented.


The ISI Inspection framework will be changing significantly for our next cycle of inspections, we are awaiting confirmation of these changes in the next few months and the new cycle of inspections will begin in September this year. We look forward to the next time the phone rings from the Inspectors and another opportunity to showcase our fantastic pupils and the team here that allows for such a special learning community to thrive.


Tom Hill, Headmaster